Pouring Into Others When You Feel Empty

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Called to Help

When I turned 23 years old, I had been in full-time ministry for 5 years and at that time was working 60 hours a week at a church. I reached a point that season when I felt tapped out and burnt out. Part of me felt guilty for wanting a break, but a bigger part of me felt a nudge from God to move in a new direction. In fact, that new direction was to leave the church and everything I knew, pack up my Volkswagen with what little belongings I had, and drive 3,000 miles west to work at a ranch resort in Wyoming for the summer.

Making that change was one of the best things I ever did, and although it was a much needed rest for my soul, God used me in new ways to serve others I had never experienced before. Out of my tiredness, through the power of God, I found a way to give out of my emptiness in a new and fresh way.

You’ve probably been there, wanting to reach out, serve, and help another, but feeling tapped out. We all go through seasons when pouring into others is a bit harder than usual. Or we hit seasons that require a bit more focus in one area, such as a new baby, busy season at work, or an illness.

What do you do when it feels hard to do even a single kind act for another? First, it’s important to understand why helping others should matter, to comprehend why you should care enough to grow in this area in the first place.

Galatians 6:2 tells us that to share the burdens of others is to obey the law of Christ. It’s an important matter and a commandment we’re given, and as such, something to give some serious thought to. In fact, loving our neighbor and looking into the interest of others is called out in the Bible. It’s something we do, as a Christian!

So, why should you care? Because God cares. And because people matter. But so do you. And it’s the heart of this reading plan is to give you tools that will encourage you to pour into others when you feel empty. Over these seven days, we’ll explore the struggles of giving when you’re tapped out, some practical advice in pouring out, and a promise from God to those who do.