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Trust in Him

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Who Do You Trust?

One unknown author wrote, "Has it ever struck you that we trust the word of our fellow man more easily than we trust God's Word?" Too often, this is true. We take at face value the statements of our friends, co-workers, family members, doctor, news announcers...we even believe the weather forecaster! How is it, then, that we fail to believe the words of our God?

Hebrews 11 records many of the heroes of the Old Testament. It lists men and women such as Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Rahab, David, and others. But it reminds us that the great exploits for God by these heroes were all accomplished "by faith." These people did not have supernatural abilities or special giftedness. They were ordinary men and women who had faith in their great God. They simply took God at His Word, and they acted in obedience to His commands.

Do you find yourself paralyzed and seemingly unable to obey God because you are afraid of the outcome? Mark it down, you can count on God's promises. Trust Him. Hudson Taylor, a missionary to China in the 1800s, once said, "God is not looking for men of great faith, only some common souls like you or me who are willing to trust in His great faithfulness."

Faith is simply trusting God. It is believing that He is who He has revealed Himself to be in His Word-faithful, unchanging, One who keeps His promises. The Christian who walks in faith is not necessarily talented or gifted-just someone willing to trust God.

Growth Principle:

Demonstrate faith in God by obeying His Word.


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