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Thriving TogetherSample

Thriving Together

DAY 1 OF 7

Dating with a Purpose

For years, I’ve heard from young men and women that they’re confused about dating. Generally, the problem is that the boundaries between friendship and romance aren’t clear, so singles hang on to a relationship that’s going nowhere. Let’s bring a little clarity.

“Going on a date” is about friendship. It’s enjoying someone’s company with the understanding there’s nothing exclusive or romantic between you. It’s an evening out to dinner or meeting over a cup of coffee because you’re friends—nothing more.

“Exclusive dating” is completely different. It’s committing to one person and moving your relationship toward marriage. During this time, you must be intentional about determining whether this is the person you want to marry. If not, you have to be willing to move on.

The trouble comes when singles treat friendship the same way as an exclusive relationship or vice versa. Sooner or later, one person gets romantically hooked and spends months or years hanging on, hoping the other person will want to marry.

So if you’re dating, keep the boundaries between friendship and exclusive dating crystal clear. You need that focus to keep you from getting stuck in a relationship that is going nowhere.

Direct me in my dating relationship. Help me let go of what shouldn’t be and hold on to what should.


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Thriving Together

Marriage is the most intimate and potentially rewarding relationship between a man and a woman. At the same time, every marri...


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