Joy For All Seasons

I don’t know much about agriculture, but this is what I do know: when a farmer plants cucumber seeds … cucumbers will grow. When a gardener plants sunflower seeds … sunflowers grow in that place. It is true in every branch of agriculture and botany that the one who plants will inevitably reap what has been sown. If a farmer were to plant radish seeds, he will not be harvesting carrots. If a gardener plants a rosebush … there is no need to worry that turnips will grow in that place.

However, the Bible makes one exception to this valid, scientific rule:

“Those who sow in tears shall reap with joyful shouting.” (Psalm 126:5)

If your life has held nothing but pain and sorrow and tears, let me assure you that your life holds more potential for true joy than the life of someone who has lived with a white picket fence guarding the tulips of their life. The Bible says all of your tears will indeed miraculously reap a harvest of joy and rejoicing.

God takes the tears of disappointment and sadness, fertilizes them with His presence, and out of that place of deep pain will erupt an abundant harvest of joy. You are not immune to this miracle, nor are you left out of this promise.

Only God can take your worst defeat, your greatest pain, and your most debilitating moment of raw sorrow and turn it into His miraculous and irreplaceable joy. Only God.

Will you fertilize this difficult place in your life with worship? Will you decide today to sing in spite of extreme disappointment and years of discouragement? When you decide to rejoice in the Lord, you will discover that joy has appeared where pain used to be a constant intruder.

When you begin to sing in spite of pain and disappointment, you will discover the most glorious gift of all … Jesus has arrived! He will come walking to you across the years of disappointment and gloom. He does not come alone, but with Him comes the dynamic gift that follows Him wherever He goes … the gift of joy!

Joyful Thought to Ponder: Make a list of the people in your life who need the gift of joy. Pray for them today.