Joy For All Seasons

Often … I feel that I am in a battle with my destiny.

In the moments when facts battle with faith for supremacy in my mind, I always go back to the basics.

These are the six things that it always boils down to for me:

1 - I am called to make hell smaller and heaven bigger.

2 - I have a mandate to bring the joy of His presence to those who are snared in the blackness of depression.

3 - I have been anointed to pray for women dealing with infertility.

4 - God has given me permission to share my addiction with others. The addiction that I promote is to the Word of God!

5 - God has called me to raise up an army who is willing to pray while all hell is breaking loose … to worship while in the heat of the ferocious battles … and to live by the principles found in the Bible.

6 - God has charged me to teach the next generation of young women how to mother well.

Can you boil your life down to some basics?

You were made on purpose … for purpose … and with purpose.

You are not a mistake or a number. I take that back … you ARE a number. You are one in a million.

Write down your purpose. Just six sentences will do.

If you are unable to boil it down to six simple sentences … then just go and love somebody.

Pay for somebody’s coffee.

Read a story to a child.

Call your mom.

Bring flowers home to your wife.

Don’t make “purpose” harder than it actually is. You are here to make a difference in somebody’s life every day of your life.

Love turns a simple life into a masterpiece.

Caring miraculously changes a meaningless existence into a symphony.

Who needs a helping hand?

Who needs an encouraging word?

Who needs a bouquet of love?

You will discover that giving … caring … loving … and filling others … are what it takes to build a life that is overflowing with joy.

The wonder of life is found when a simple human being decides to be a generous and extravagant giver.

Joyful Thought to Ponder: Do you have 6 things that your life boils down to? What are your 6 things?