Words To Live By With Craig Groeschel

Day 3 of 3 • This day’s reading


Hide Them in Your Heart

Okay, by today you’ve recorded the negative thoughts that dominate your thinking, and you’ve discovered spiritual truths specific to your life to demolish those strongholds. Just having the truth in hand is a stress reliever. Pastor Craig put it like this.

“Stress isn’t about all you have to do—but how you think about all you have to do.”

Well, that’s a relief. And you know what? There is a way to make sure you always have the truth with you. Let’s hear the final step from Pastor Craig.

Step Three: Revisit the spiritual truths you gathered in step two, and make them your own. Finally, hide them in your heart by repeating them daily. You can find Pastor Craig’s Words To Live By and other examples at: finds.life.church/words