Words To Live By With Craig Groeschel

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A Resolution That Lasts

Do you ever make new, soon-to-fail resolutions for a new year, birthday, anniversary, new financial year, or after bad medical news? Then, negative thoughts like, “I can’t keep this up,” and, “I never finish,” start tripping up your new routine. Eventually, you look up, and you’ve backtracked to nothing more than good intentions. We’ve all done this.

We created this Bible Plan with the goal to help you start one simple discipline that actually works. By the end of this three-step plan, you will have discovered new Words to Live By. Unlike many upstart resolutions, these daily affirmations will renew your mind in a way that lasts.

In today’s video, Craig Groeschel will give you the first step to discovering the powerful and positive truths you need to destroy the negative thoughts trying to take you out.

Step One:

Watch today’s video, and If you haven’t yet, watch Pastor Craig's Words To Live By message.