The Significance Of Christmas

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Christianity is a religion of songs.  In fact, the largest book in the Bible is the Song Book - Psalms. In the Bible also there are few ‘hit’ songs.  The prominent among the hit songs is the Song of Mary.  

1. Worship is magnifying God

A microscope magnifies minute things to see more vividly. We all tend to magnify things in our lives: a sports person may magnify cricket or soccer, a doctor may magnify their medical profession, a teacher may magnify their education service, a politician- politics or governance. However, a disciple of Lord Jesus Christ magnifies God. People who are around us have to see a Great God, Holy God, Mighty God, Loving God in a magnified form in us.  

2. Worship involves whole being

Mary declared that she worshiped the Lord from the depth of her being, soul or inner-person. She also sang in spirit. The content of the song provides a great intellectual content - the product of the mind.  Mary sung joyfully, which meant she had emotional engagement.

3. Worship the Lord who is Holy

The Lord God almighty is Holy. Unlike other religions, God is revealed as Holy.  The inner sanctuary of the Jerusalem Temple is known as Holy of Holies.  We are called to worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness.  (Psalms 96:9)  In fact, Mary became a holy vessel used by God.

4. Worship the Lord for His mercy

The Lord shows mercy to the undeserving, and Mary was a witness for God’s mercy. She was chosen, although being from a poor, insignificant family to be the mother of the Lord.

5. Worship the Lord for His works

The Lord deeds in the world and dealings with the children of God is amazing.  God is almighty and displays awesome power and splendor.  However, Mary described that God does Mighty things and great things. Mighty does not mean uncontrolled power but purposeful power. Mary sang about the helpless, humble, and hungry who are helped and transformed.    

6. Worship the Lord for His Promises

Mary reminds us about God’s promises and about the faithful, resourceful, gracious God who keeps those promises. Even though the Jewish people were unfaithful for centuries, God fulfills His promises given to Abraham and his descendants forever.


Christmas is not just feasting, but a call for magnificent worship.