The Significance Of Christmas

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The life and ministry of Lord Jesus Christ in the planet earth demonstrates his identification with human beings.  Even the Christmas events show us how He identified with the poor, marginalized and suffering humanity.  The contemporary context today is much similar to the narratives during the first Christmas.

Political policy decision

The Roman Emperor ordered for a Census in his vast Empire. Maybe it was to boost his ego or make administration more effective; either way, the verdict meant a lot of travel by people across the Empire as they were required to register themselves in their hometown. Similar political decisions causes great human misery and pain by ill-informed and autocratic leaders who make these decisions which affect millions of innocent people today.

Compelled to travel

Travel in those days was more difficult and dangerous than it is today. A government order compelled pregnant Mary and Joseph to travel to their hometown. It was indeed a risky travel for a pregnant woman, it was not picnic or excursion, but fulfilment of a formality dictated by the regime.   


Bethlehem was overcrowded and the hospitality business was booming at that time of Census because there were so many guests to cater for.  A sea of humanity was seen in busy cities just as there are crowds of humanity everywhere competing for limited resources in many cities today.  Around the world, people are crowded in most capital cities, especially in Asia and Africa..  

No place in the inn

Joseph failed to reserve a room in the inn; a room that Joseph and Mary desperately needed. 

Struggles of a nuclear family

In Bethlehem, Joseph had to fend for himself. There was not a close family member or an elderly relative around to help the pregnant Mary to have a safe delivery.   


The delivery of the Son of God did not happen in a home or in a hygienic institution, the manger was shared with animals because there was no room at the inn.    


Lord Jesus' incarnation happened in a context similar to what people in the world face. We have a Savior who knows our longings, groanings and mournings.