Purification: A Study in Malachi

Purification: A Study in Malachi

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What does it say?

When Israel asked, “How have you loved us?” God pointed them to how He had treated the Edomites, their wicked neighbors, as a contrast to His love for them.

What does it mean?

God chose to fulfill His covenant through Jacob (Israel) and his family rather than the Edomites – the descendants of Esau. This meant that God treated the Israelites like His own children, which included providing for them, protecting them, and patiently guiding them. In contrast, God largely left the Edomites to the natural consequences of their rebellious decisions. Despite these differences, God’s expectation was the same for both: pursue God humbly and fully, admitting their need for God as the Forgiver of their sins and the provider of love, hope, and life. Even though both would sin, God chose to be extra patient with Jacob and his family to display His mercy to and through them.

How should I respond?

Imagine the difference between growing up in an Edomite home versus growing up in an Israelite home. The Israelite home was full of God’s mercy, grace, and loving patience. By contrast, the Edomite home had little contact with the Lord or experience with His guidance. Which one describes the atmosphere of your home? As a spouse, parent, or child, your daily decisions to pursue God’s ways or reject them will set the tone for the relationships within your family. What can you do to ensure your home teaches God’s love, provision, protection, and salvation fervently?


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Purification: A Study in Malachi

Somberly closing the Old Testament, Malachi shows that a thousand years after Sinai, unfaithfulness, greed, and injustice continue to plague God’s people. Moreover, Malachi’s ministry initiates centuries of prophetic sil...

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