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Consolation: A Study in NahumSample

Consolation: A Study in Nahum

DAY 1 OF 3

What does it say?

Nahum prophesied the destruction of Nineveh by God’s fierce wrath and His deliverance of Judah from Nineveh’s oppression.

What does it mean?

God had been merciful to the people of Nineveh, previously accepting their repentance and sparing their city. In the 100 years between Jonah and Nahum, however, Nineveh again made themselves the enemies of God. They returned to their wickedness, destroyed Israel’s capital city of Samaria, and invaded Judah. God’s holiness required that Nineveh be judged. Nineveh’s destruction would also free His people from their cruel oppression. His wrath on sin expresses God’s just and holy nature. His character is perfectly balanced, patiently giving time for repentance.

How should I respond?

Our understanding of a person’s character is usually one-dimensional: loving, generous, jealous, unkind, and so on. Maybe that’s why it’s so difficult for our finite minds to grasp the character of God – seemingly opposite character traits working in perfect unison. For instance, God’s justice for sin and mercy for the sinner are both seen in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Until Christ’s return, God mercifully gives sinners time to repent, but His holy nature cannot leave the guilty unpunished forever. How will you show God’s love today to those in danger of His judgment?


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