Acts of the Holy Spirit: A Study in Acts

Acts of the Holy Spirit: A Study in Acts

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What does it say?

Before Jesus was taken into Heaven, He told the apostles to wait in Jerusalem for the baptism of the Holy Spirit so they would have the power to be His witnesses.

What does it mean?

Being Jesus’ witness to the ends of the earth was a mammoth task requiring faith in His resurrection, committed prayer, and Holy Spirit power. Jesus appeared to His followers at different times and in different ways, leaving no doubt about His deity or bodily resurrection. Inspired by the expectation that Jesus would return, His followers waited for the promised Holy Spirit in prayer. How did they pray? Together. When did they pray? Constantly. For what did they pray? Guidance. Why did they pray? Preparation. As a result, the book of Acts records how the Holy Spirit enabled the early church to follow Christ’s command to be His witnesses.

How should I respond?

The book of Acts is the backstory for the modern-day church. Our origins are rooted in absolute faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord, dedication to prayer, and dependence on the leading of the Holy Spirit. Why do we often expect successful ministry without each of these elements firmly in place? Which aspect of today’s passage needs to be strengthened in your personal life or place of service at church? This week, gather with other Christ followers and pray for God’s direction and enabling to be His witnesses.


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Acts of the Holy Spirit: A Study in Acts

Written by Luke to Theophilus, Acts is a sequel to Luke’s earlier Gospel. Luke writes Acts to provide a historical record of the early church and show the trajectory of God's redemptive plan after the resurrection of Jes...

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