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The Light of the World, Part 2Sample

The Light of the World, Part 2

DAY 3 OF 3

In the psalm you’re about to read, the psalmist is singing about his love for the house of God, the Temple. The deepest desire of his heart is to enter God’s presence and sing his praises there.

Because of Jesus, God’s house is no longer a physical temple. The Bible tells us that we - the church - are God’s house. The Holy Spirit lives in us. We are God’s dwelling place on earth.

So when we meet with our fellow believers to worship, we enter God’s presence. That’s why streaming a sermon or watching church online can’t replace a physical gathering of God’s people. When we get together, we experience more of God’s presence: God dwells in our midst!

Spend your time praying through this psalm, praising and thanking God for the gift of the church.

Read: Psalm 84

Reflection Questions:

  1. As you read through this psalm, think about your local church. Can you agree with the psalmist in verse 10? Do you love being at church? If not, bring your feelings of disappointment or discontent to God. Be honest about your struggles. Ask God to help you be part of making church a joyful place for others. Ask him to help you crave more of his presence among your church family!


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