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The Light of the WorldSample

The Light of the World

DAY 2 OF 3

Throughout Scripture, life without God is described as “darkness.” Since the first humans rebelled against God, sin has tainted humanity: Each of us was born trapped in the darkness of sin. But we haven’t just inherited sin–we’ve perpetuated it. We’ve chosen to remain in the dark and rebel against the idea of walking in the light.

Nothing–not even our rebellion— could stop God’s rescue. From the very beginning, God promised to send a Savior to break the curse of sin and death: Jesus.

As we read yesterday, Jesus isn’t just a good person or moral teacher. He is God in human form, representing the invisible God.

Jesus took on human form to defeat death on humanity’s behalf. His sacrificial death on the cross, and his resurrection three days later, broke the devil’s power and set us free from the curse of sin!

Just like watching the sunrise slowly fill a dark sky, Jesus, the light of the world, drives out the darkness that has held us captive for so long. As you read these verses, think about the beauty of the promise fulfilled–of the Son of God turning darkness into light!

Read: Hebrews 1:1-3 and 2:9-10

Reflection Questions:

  1. What does this passage tell you about salvation? What does Jesus save us from, and what does he save us for?
  2. Jesus’ death and resurrection defeated sin and death once and for all, but sometimes, we still struggle with sin and fear death. What makes it difficult to leave sin behind and believe what God says? In what areas of your life is God calling you to walk in freedom instead of fear?

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