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How to Enter Into God’s Rest: A Daily DevotionalSample

How to Enter Into God’s Rest: A Daily Devotional

DAY 3 OF 3

How to Find Physical Rest

We’ve chatted previously in this plan about our need for both emotional and spiritual rest.

But we also need – and some people desperately need – physical rest. So how do we get a physical rest?

Well, sleep eight hours every night, eat well and exercise, and then, every so often, take a break from work – a holiday – in case you haven’t taken one for a while.

There! Easy!

But… if it’s that easy, why are we still so tired? And why are there entire industries trying to tell us how to do these things?

In our current culture – “hustle” culture, some call it – busyness is a virtue.

But I’ve discovered, as a reformed cigarette smoker and workaholic, that busyness is addictive. And when we’re addicted to something, changing our behavior is very, very difficult.

We need a reason to change – a deep reason that takes hold of our hearts and results in a powerful change in our lives.

And that’s what this Psalm 127 is all about. So why not take a moment to read it now.

What does that psalm say to you? It says to me that God loves me! He’s interested in my life, He’s working in my life, and I don’t have to do it all by myself.

Actually, God doesn’t want us to be anxious and to be working non-stop. He wants us to rest so we can be loving and patient and kind; not exhausted and on-edge, ready to fight at the drop of a hat.

That realization – God loves me and is working with me in my life – was the deep change I needed.

Now, I don’t work evenings, except on very rare occasions. I turn my emails and mobile phone off. I try to take time off each year to recharge.

Making those simple changes has been a huge deal for me. I’ve discovered I can work hard (which I love) and have physical rest at the same time.

So, what simple guidelines can you put in place to help you rest your body as well as your mind and your spirit?

Because starting that process will lead to you enjoying your life a whole bunch more. Not only that, but it’ll also bring joy to God’s heart!

Why? Because He loves you and He wants you to get a good night’s sleep… for God gives sleep to those whom He loves.

Life Application Questions:

  • What resonated with you today as you pondered what God’s Word says about physical rest? If you’re “caught on the hamster wheel” of busyness, what’s one simple step you can take to help find that deep reason for change?
  • There’s more to entering the rest of God than may at first appear. It’s spiritual, emotional, and physical. Take a moment to consider those three aspects in your life today. Where are you at peace? Where are you struggling?
  • We can’t be at rest when we’re afraid, –when there’s turmoil going on inside us. So, spend a little time today writing down the things that are worrying or scaring you. Get them all out on paper, so you can really eyeball them. What’s God saying to you about that list?

Take a moment to pray with me:

Father God, Your Word tells me that Your peace and Your rest are available to me. Sometimes that’s difficult to accept. Some days I’m so hard pressed, I’m so afflicted – that any idea of rest and peace from You seems like a million miles off.

But today, I choose to believe Your Word above my circumstances. I come to You today and ask of You – Father, please show me Your rest.

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