How to Enter Into God’s Rest: A Daily Devotional

How to Enter Into God’s Rest: A Daily Devotional

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God’s Rest on God’s Terms

In this plan we’re looking at how to enter God’s rest.

It’s a topic that really hits the spot right now, because so many people are so tired! Tired of problems, of the grind, the stress...tired because they work so hard. There are so many things that can make us tired…so many!

The question is, how do we enter God’s rest?

And to answer that question, it may be helpful to think back to your teenage years. I’m sure you know just how difficult teenagers can be – I certainly was!

In fact, one day my father said to me, “Son, I love you very much but as long as you live in my house, under my roof, you’ll do as I say. If you don’t like it, there’s the front door.”

Well, I was so offended!

But now I realize that everything my parents provided was a privilege and a blessing. And because they were the providers, it came on their terms, not on mine.

There’s a similar dynamic in the Bible. You need look no further than the Ten Commandments! Commandment five states, in fact:

Honor your father and your mother so that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you (Exodus 20:12 BSB).

Here you can see clearly that blessing follows honor –and it comes on the giver’s terms.

It’s exactly the same with blessings that God gives us: peace and rest. Those blessings come on God’s terms, as you’ll read in Hebrews 4:9–11.

What’s the one thing that takes God’s Sabbath rest away from us? That passage shows it without doubt – it’s disobedience!

So, when you and I decide to do things our way –well, what happens?

If we harbor anger in our hearts, if we fail to forgive people, if we steal, lie or grumble, if we commit sexual immorality, if we do anything against God’s will...there’s no rest; there’s no peace. Life gets complicated.

On the other hand, when we obey God? Well, 1 John 5:3–4 spells it out. When we obey God, we have victory. And what comes next is peace – what comes after that is… yes, you guessed it… rest!

My friend, God’s rest and peace come on His terms, not on ours. And the sooner we get that, the sooner we will enter His rest.

Life Application Questions:

  • What’s one area in your life right now where you’ve decided to do it “My Way” as the old Frank Sinatra song goes? Is this an area of rebellion against God?
  • Why did you decide to do that? What was the benefit or the advantage you were after?
  • Is there a negative side to this rebellion – some negative consequences?
  • And finally, is the disobedience worth it? Does the gain outweigh the pain?

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How to Enter Into God’s Rest: A Daily Devotional

Are you tired of the grind, the stress, the problems, and the busyness of life? There are so many things that can leave us exhausted! Yet God wants you to experience the rest that only He can bring to your life: physical...

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