Christ as God: A Study in John

Christ as God: A Study in John

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What does it say?

John the Baptist was a witness to the true Light – the Word, who was with God from the beginning. Jesus was baptized and called his first disciples.

What does it mean?

John the Baptist recognized the eternal, divine nature of Jesus when many religious leaders failed to do so. John consistently turned attention from himself to Christ, the Lamb of God. People weren’t drawn to John because of his speaking ability or his personal charisma. He reflected the Light of Jesus as the moon reflects the sun. John understood that the message was more important than the messenger. As John pointed to Christ, Andrew heard and believed; then he brought his brother Peter to Jesus.

How should I respond?

“It’s all about me!” is today’s mantra. Everyone wants the spotlight for his or her 15 minutes of fame. Even Christians fall into the trap of seeking accolades for service to their church or community, but like John the Baptist, God asks followers to reflect His Son rather than draw attention to self. How can you reflect the light of Christ this week at home, work, or school? Ask God to turn your focus outward and look for those who need the “true Light.” Who knows, there may be an Andrew or Peter watching you. Your faith may start a chain reaction that turns others to Jesus.


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Christ as God: A Study in John

John’s Gospel is a theologically intimate telling of the life and ministry of Jesus. John shows that Jesus is the preexistent Word who took on flesh to dwell among us. He is God's Son whose miraculous signs show evidence...

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