Money Matters: Devotions from Time of Grace

Saving Money God’s Way: Leave an Estate

More than half of all Americans will die intestate. Do you know that word? It means that they have no written Last Will and Testament. If you die intestate, the state will make all decisions regarding the disposition of your property and then charge your estate for its services.

Why on earth would people not make a will? Well, people do procrastinate, assuming that someday they will get around to it and never do. Or they reason that when they’re dead, they won’t care how their estate is carved up. Or they think they’re immortal. Or they have a phobia about death and hate even thinking about it.

God loves it when people plan ahead with management of his stuff, and he absolutely loves it when people plan to take care of succeeding generations. “A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children” (Proverbs 13:22). A bequest helps turn your children and grandchildren from renters into homeowners. It can help a grandchild go to college. It can relieve a crippling debt. It can help start a business.

It says thank you to the God who gave you such a great heritage from those who have gone before you.