Jumpstart Your Finances

Jumpstart Your Finances

7 Days

The financial situation in America is challenging and uncertain; families are in trouble. But we serve a mighty God and His ways are tested and proven time after time. Steve Repak faced the same challenges that others face: being spiritually and financially broke. God had a purpose for Steve’s life: a calling to financial faithfulness. God led Steve to become a Certified Financial Planner™ and he has grown to become a premiere financial expert and author in both the secular and faith-based realms. Over the next seven days, Steve will provide seven Biblical financial principles from his book Six Week Money Challenge for Your Personal Finances so you can jumpstart your finances, better equip yourself for all God’s good work, and live the life God has always wanted for you! Whether you are financially rich and spiritually broke, spiritually rich and financially broke, or anywhere in between, we challenge you to become a better steward of your financial resources so you can focus less on your temporary security and more on your eternal security.


We would like to thank Steve Repak, CFP® and BroadStreet Publishing Group, LLC for providing this plan. For more information, please visit: www.SteveRepak.com

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