The 268 Declaration

The 268 Declaration

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A Passion to Know God Above All Things

There is a great comfort available to us in the Scriptures. In his letter to the Colossians, Paul reminds us of God's ultimate and unmatched authority and authorship (Col 1:16-18.) Like a blanket, this reminder that God has always been and will always be should ease our anxiety; the truth that everything and everyone was created through Him reminds us of the deepest of embraces; we have never been accidental or abandoned.

Each of us was intentionally created by God. His hands graciously crafted us into existence so we could know Him and bring Him glory (Is 43:7.) The question of our purpose in life was, mercifully, answered before our first cry.

Amidst a world of changing tides, our heading remains the same because the one who created us calls us, drawing near to those who draw near to Him (Jam 4:8.) Above all of the calamity, God is giving you a clear set of instructions: know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom He sent (Jn 17:3.) This is the chief calling of our lives, it is the purpose of our art, the discipline behind our dedication, and the most worthy accomplishment of every exhalation.

What an invitation. Come, and know the God who created you. Knock on his door, and He has promised to answer (Rev 3:20.) There is no pursuit more worthy than this. No achievement holds a candle. The things we once considered paramount are cast aside for the sake of proximity to Jesus, our former stresses and striving washed off like the sweat of a long day as we become like Him (Phil 3:7-10.) What could compare to this? To make knowing and enjoying God the passionate pursuit of our lives?

And so we pray: God, give me a singular desire to know you more.

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The 268 Declaration

During the early days of the Passion Movement, God connected our story to the confession found in Isaiah 26:8, specifically the last phrase, which says, "For your name and renown are the desire of our souls." The heart o...

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