Anchored in Hope: Readings From the New Testament

Anchored in Hope: Readings From the New Testament

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Reflect on today's reading using this question: What is the “anchor” in this passage? Why do you think the phrase “anchor of the soul” is used?

Our Anchor

Our hope in God and his promise of eternal salvation anchors and steadies us when life is difficult and disappointing (6:18). God has promised his children that his presence and love will remain both in this life and after death. This promise is unmovable and can provide spiritual support when we feel overwhelmed with hardships and losses in life.

Reflect on your story:

  • God has given us his promises to sustain us even in difficult times. How do these promises provide an anchor of hope in your life even though you may feel tossed and turned by situations around you?

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Anchored in Hope: Readings From the New Testament

We often hope in the world around us—for a promotion, a better relationship, a stronger family, and recovery of the sick. But trusting only in earthly outcomes will fail us. The Bible says we will experience loss and dis...

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