From This Day Forward

Unfortunately, the amount of impurity is growing in marriages and causing an increasing number to break apart. Studies show there are three primary reasons for the increase in impurity. First, there are more temptations today than in the past thanks largely to such technologies as texting, social media, and the many websites dedicated to pornography.

Second, people are getting married later in life. Finally, there is a growing sense of entitlement causing people to justify such things as living together before marriage, viewing pornography, or even having affairs. Because these and other factors make it easier to lose your purity before and during marriage, it's vital that you do not compromise and put yourself at risk.

Talk: Ask your spouse: how are we compromising and putting ourselves at risk when it comes to purity?

Pray: Ask God to protect your marriage from all impurity and to help you address any at-risk issues there may be in your marriage.

Do: Write a short love letter to your spouse today and find a creative way to give it to them.