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Thru the Bible—Titus & PhilemonSample

Thru the Bible—Titus & Philemon

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What a Godly Person Looks Like

It doesn't matter how high the steeple rises in the sky or how beautiful the worship is inside. The message delivered from the pulpit will tell you whether the church is really a church. A church must teach sound doctrine, or it’s not a church.

In Titus 1, we learned the church is led by elders who can teach God’s Word and discern errors in false teaching. In this next chapter, we discover more of this “sound doctrine” made up of Jewish Scriptures, Jesus’ teaching, and, in part, these epistles. The apostles are the first to connect this truth.

In Titus 2, we discover guidelines for how individual Christians should live, beginning with senior citizens. Older men should be self-controlled and worthy of respect, Paul said. They practice practical confidence in God and embrace their role as an example in the church body. Older women should do all that, too, with a feminine flair. Their behavior should reflect their love for the Lord, including how they talk and mentor younger women.

Paul next addresses the young men. Be aware of how your behavior impacts the effectiveness of the gospel. The world is watching us, so live so you can’t be accused of anything ungodly. Even our conversations should reveal we are a child of God.

Servants, too, are an important part of the church. (This instruction easily crosses over to our relationship with our employers.) Do your job with a godly attitude—be humble and wholehearted. Be trustworthy in your speech and be faithful to the task.

What do these actions accomplish? You adorn the gospel's message when you act this way in your job and private life. The original word for “adorn” is the same as for “cosmetic.” Our faithful life makes a beautiful backdrop for people to hear about Jesus Christ.

In case church members think Paul is getting into their business, the apostle Paul answers the bigger question of why Christians should stand out in our culture. It’s because of God’s grace, he said. God only asks people to believe Him, trust Him, and accept the gift offered by Jesus Christ.

God is not trying to make this world a better place; He is redeeming the people who believe in the name of Jesus Christ. The gospel doesn’t want people to act nicer. God isn’t interested in reforming you; He wants to redeem you. God wants you to live for Him and do good works, but He has to redeem you first.

How will He do that?

Through Jesus Christ, “who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself His own special people, zealous for good works” (2:14). He paid the price for us so He could redeem us from a dark, rebellious life. He wants a pure people for Himself.

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Thru the Bible—Titus & Philemon

What you believe about God affects everything you do. Titus focuses on sound doctrine and how to live it out in our lives and communities. Then discover the truth behind the story of the slave, Philemon. In this study co...


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