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Moments for Mums: When We Make Mistakes – Part 2Sample

Moments for Mums: When We Make Mistakes – Part 2

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I have 6 children between 3 and 15 years old. There are days I have a Spirit-filled love that keeps me compassionate and merciful. I have moments when I am Spirit-filled until the 3-year-old draws on the wall, the 4-year-old whines for food while holding an uneaten banana, the girls start screaming, and the pre-teen and teen kick a soccer ball through the window. It is easy in those moments to start counting the wrongs, the number of broken windows, and the interruptions and deal harshly with those I love the most. My love for my children is limited compared to the love God has for us. It is described as the height between the heavens and the earth, a distance that can’t be measured. We are spared from our mistakes because of the unfailing love of Christ. Even when I begin to count the wrongs in my own house, God is still merciful to me.

Do you count the wrongs in your home? The little things your kids say and do? How can you remember to be compassionate and merciful?

Lord, thank you that you are merciful and slow to get angry with me. Help me show some unfailing love to my family and community today. Amen.

Day 2

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Moments for Mums: When We Make Mistakes – Part 2

We are all keenly aware that we are not perfect and mess up often. Adding parenting to this seems to make it even more apparent. These devotions remind us of the freedom Jesus bought for us and how accepting God’s mercy ...


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