Spend Christmas Together


Jesus is NOT the Reason for the Season

“Jesus is the reason for the season.” I couldn’t be more tired of hearing that phrase this time of year. People plaster it all over social media, put it on buttons, even put it on signs in their yards.

The problem with the statement, other than Christians annoying their non-Christian neighbors, is that Jesus is NOT the reason for the season.

I understand that you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Well, this advent reading plan has been good up until this point, but now it has gone off the deep end!” Before you close your mind, hear me out.

Why did Jesus come to Earth in the first place? Was it to make Himself look good? Was it to dominate the nations and people as their Ruler? Was it so the world could see Him as important, and as a really big deal? No, Jesus didn’t come for any of these reasons.

Jesus came for you. He came for me. He came for the community of people who follow Him and believe in Him.

One of the greatest places this is exemplified is in John 13 where Jesus washes the feet of His disciples. The disciples knew and believed that Jesus was "God with us," and when Jesus washed their feet, they very tangibly experienced the reason for His coming. To exhibit His reason for coming to Earth, Jesus didn't stop with washing feet. He went to the extreme length of dying for us to cover and forgive all our sins.

Jesus wouldn’t say He was the reason for the season. He would say YOU are the reason for the season.

What does it mean to you that you were the reason for Jesus coming to Earth? How can you live in light of the example that Jesus set and the reality that He has come for you? As a small start, consider doing something simple for others, like holding the door open for people all day or scraping off someone’s car in bad weather. This is how you can start loving your neighbors as Jesus does.