Heart of God by Zach Williams: A 5-Day Devotional

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


"I know you're hurting, I can see it in your eyes,

so pull back the curtain, take off your disguise,

whoever told you, you ain't worth the fight,

the cross tells the story that will change your mind."

In my job, I move from city to city every three or four days. During my travels, I see hurting people, like Zach sings, I can see it in their eyes. People are lonely and desperate; many have been lied to and told they are worthless and not worth the fight. Perhaps you have been told the same thing, or maybe the enemy is trying to convince you that you are unlovable. You need to know the Creator of the universe loves you and wants to have a relationship with you.

God's love is incomprehensible. It is hard to understand just how much God loves you. His love reaches to the heavens and stretches to the sky. We simply cannot get our minds around this because we don't have the heart of our great God.

God's love is unconditional. It is so hard to grasp God's love for us because we try to relate it to how we love others. Our love is often based on how others love us, treat us, and perform for us. But God's love does not change; it is not based on how we act or perform for Him. It is not based on how well we keep His commandments. His love for us never fails. Simply put, God loves you; it does not matter what you have done. Nothing will separate you from the great love the Father has lavished upon you.


Do you ever feel that God is mad at you? Do you see Him shaking his head when you sin? Do you feel like he is disappointed in you when you fail? Where do you think this comes from?

Understand this is not the way God reacts to your sin. You can do nothing to make Him love you any more or any less. I don't know about you, but this makes me want to turn from my sin and rebellion and pursue my relationship with God even more!