Bible Belles: Becoming A Belle Of Patience

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


God created you - a real superhero!

Welcome, Little Belle! Your superhero journey continues right now. 

Read Colossians 1:16.

Did you know that God created you to be a REAL superhero? He planned out every detail of what makes you YOU. He made you with special gifts, talents, and superhuman abilities. No one is exactly like you, and God made you beautiful!

In fact, the word “belle” means “beautiful.” It’s easy to get confused though about what real beauty is when you’re looking out into the world. Let's take a look at what God says about real beauty. 
Read 1 Peter 3:3-4.

God tells us that our outer appearance is not how He measures beauty.  God says that a “gentle and quiet spirit” is what makes us beautiful, not the way we look on the outside. Sometimes as girls and women (even moms!), it’s very hard to remember that. Not to worry! He’s given us special powers that show us what real beauty is all about. 

Dear God,
Thank you for making something really special when you created me. You made me unique and different from everyone else, and that is awesome! I know there will be times in my life when I will forget, times when I won't feel beautiful. Please help me to remember what you say about real beauty. It's not about what people can see on the outside. It's not about how I look or the clothes I wear. It's about my heart. Please be with me as I learn to become the beautiful hero that you created me to be. Amen.