Catechism: Walking With Jesus

Day 3 of 3 • This day’s reading


Questioning your gender identity isn’t a unique trend – it’s just the newest way of asking the oldest questions: Who am I, how did I become this way, and how should I express that to the world? Jesus is ready and willing to walk with you on a journey of discipleship as you explore those questions and walk alongside other people who are wondering about that, too.

In the context of discipleship, it’s okay to be confused. Jesus invites us to ask questions, and one of the ways he speaks to us and guides us is through the Bible.

Current culture promises we can “live our own truth,” yet the world is filled with confused, hurting people. When everything is relative, nothing is secure. Jesus says the Bible is the ultimate truth.

If the Bible is intimidating to you, that’s okay. There’s a reason why people spend their whole lives reading it and re-reading it. As we read and think and pray and yes, struggle, God is meeting us and using his Word to shape us more and more to be like Jesus.


  • Why do you think “truth” has become controversial in our culture? Why do you think Jesus emphasizes the importance of knowing the truth?
  • What do you tend to do when you have struggles or big questions about your faith? What do you think these verses are encouraging you to do?
  • How would you describe your attitude toward the Bible? Interested? Intimidated? Confused? Bored? Take some time to talk to God. Ask him to give you a desire to read the Bible and grow your love for his Word.