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Words Are Golden

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The definition of abiding is to remain in or to stay.

Imagine a plant with roots that are deep in the soil. As soon as the plant is taken out of the soil, where it gets its source of nourishment, it withers. Jesus asks us to abide in Him as He abides in us. If we don’t dig our roots deep in the soil of who Jesus is, we will end up withering. For us to go and be His hands and feet and bring others to know who He is, we must spend time with Him in His presence.

In John 15 He gives us a beautiful example of a plant that bears and produces fruit. He is telling us that for us to grow we must abide in Him. This verse is beautiful not just because Jesus calls us to be with Him, but because He is telling us that He is with us, He is in us, and He will never leave us. He is where we get our source of strength, joy, endurance, and energy to go and live out a life that produces great fruit. This meaning of producing fruit is referring to the things that come from our life. It is not on our strength that we can be successful in living out the calling that is on our life. It is through abiding in Jesus that enables us to go out and live a life that is acceptable and pleasing in the eyes of the father. As we live a life abiding in Him, He promises to abide in us.

What is one step you can take this week to abide in the Lord?

Pray: Lord, I need you every second of my life. Help me to abide in you daily. Thank you for being so kind to choose to abide in me. Amen

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Words Are Golden

This 5-day reading plan will explore different words, their meanings, what the Lord says about them, and how you can go and speak them over yourself and others. Knowing what a word means gives us a deeper understanding o...


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