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How To Follow Jesus

DAY 1 OF 8

Disciples know Jesus.

Have you ever seen a plant grow from a seed? You put a seed in the ground, cover it up, and it becomes a plant. But there’s a little more to it. First, the ground can’t be just any old dirt. It has to be good soil. And you can’t just plant it and leave it alone. You have to take care of it by watering it and making sure it has enough light. But with the right kind of soil and care, a tiny seed can change into something new!

We can become something new, too! When we learn how Jesus died to save us from our sin and rose again so we can follow Him, a seed is planted in our hearts. We can choose to ignore that seed and let it die. Or, we can learn more about Jesus, believe in Him, and choose to follow Him no matter what. Then the seed will grow because our hearts will be good soil.

Keep working on the soil of your heart. Spend time with Jesus just like you would spend time with your friends. Make time today to care for your seed and get to know Jesus better!

Talk It Over: What soil do you want to be like? What are some ways you can spend time getting to know Jesus better today?

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How To Follow Jesus

Jesus chose 12 disciples to follow Him while He lived on Earth. But you can be a disciple today, too! Find out how to follow Jesus! For Parents: Your child will have a deeper understanding of each day’s reading and quest...


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