Prayer - Walking Making Your Steps Count

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Pray for the People Around You

Jesus defined our neighbors broadly – whomever God places in your path and your heart of ministry. They may be people near you or in your relational networks.

Begin today praying for your neighbors. Your prayers invite God to open hearts and doors. His Spirit will move into your areas of influence, and God will transform lives and families.

Enlist a friend who may be interested in praying with you. Who could you ask? Tell them you will be prayer walking soon and ask if they would like to join you.

Use your neighborhood contact list, work directory, team roster, etc., and pray through a section at a time. What resources do you have at your disposal? Use sticky notes, notepads, the notes app on your phone, or whatever works best for you - that will be visible and help you remember. Choose a tool and plan. Who will you pray for today?