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Esther, Born for Such a Time as ThisSample

Esther, Born for Such a Time as This

DAY 1 OF 28

This month we’re studying the book of Esther. I think it’s a fascinating story. It’s about an ordinary Jewish girl who becomes queen followed by a story of tension, a bad guy, and finally a happy ending. It’s also a story in which the name of God is not mentioned once. However, you can see His guidance throughout Esther’s life.

The story takes place at Susa (currently in Iran) during the government of Ahasuerus (also known as Xerxes). I will mention the meanings of some of the names in this story as we read through it.

First there is Ahasuerus. His name means I will be silent. In addition, he was using a title which meant king of kings. This reminds me of Jesus, who is the real King of kings.

Then there is Esther. Her name means hidden and star. Star also reminds me of the birth of Jesus. According to Deuteronomy 31, God did hide his face during the government of Ahasueres. So God was hidden from Israel in those days.

Esther was just an ordinary girl who became queen through God’s providence. Likewise, for those who have accepted Christ's gift of salvation, we, too, are children of the Highest King.

Prayer: Lord, thank You that You in Your providence took care of Esther. Thank You that I am also Your child. Help me this month to recognize the message that You have for me in the story of Esther. Amen.


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