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Empowered LivingSample

Empowered Living

DAY 1 OF 5

Living Empowered or Unempowered?

Why do some people live EMPOWERED, and some live drowning, exhausted, and barely surviving? What is the difference? We all have some childhood traumas and dramas. How do some recover and thrive, and some continue carrying the weight of their past right into their future? These are important questions to ask. Let’s look in the mirror. Let’s evaluate how we are living. Are you living FROM an internally driven power, or are you living on the performance treadmill FOR a result? Those who live running on the performance treadmill often find themselves overwhelmed and wearied from spinning all the plates. We end up depleted, tired, and empty.

What is your “lens” about life? Is life supposed to be a burden or a blessing? Is it a gift or a curse? How you think about your life will truly influence and impact how you live your life. Do we have any choice in the matter? Are we offered any reasonable way out of our self-made dungeons? I have learned you can be in prison and yet be free. You can be a free person and yet live in prison (in your mind). May this not be the case for those of us who want to live as His city on a hill and walk in the fullness of life. Before each of us stand blessings and curses, life and death. Let’s choose life so our children and we can live. Let us choose the life-giving practices of humility, gratitude, and obedience. Let us walk in child-like faith, for His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. Life is a gift that is truly happening FOR YOU. Life is not just happening TO YOU as a victim.

To truly live empowered, we must seek a deeper relationship with our Father - the Lover of our souls and the Giver of our intended purpose for this time. The end of your rope is the best place to be if it brings you to a wise surrender leading you to live FROM His indwelling love and power instead of being exhausted by trying to check all the boxes of a life well-lived.

We can live EMPOWERED or UNEMPOWERED. It is our choice.

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Empowered Living

Life can often be so overwhelming. How do some people walk tall and empowered while others seem to drown in overwhelm and exh...


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