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Come Up Here: A Symphony of Prayer | A 5 Day Prayer Journey With Darlene ZschechSample

Come Up Here: A Symphony of Prayer | A 5 Day Prayer Journey With Darlene Zschech

DAY 1 OF 5

Some people pray loud and confident prayers, boldly declaring their thanksgiving or powerfully articulating their pain. They pray to God Himself, but they don’t mind who else may hear. Others offer their prayers in whispers, groans, and even simply long measures of total silence.

Many prayers are sung, wrapped in music and melodies that allow the person to engage fully. Without the music, they might find it harder to express what is in their hearts to say.

The Bible teaches us to pray and gives us words for when our own words fail us.

There are so many ways to pray. Some of you may have a prayer room to go to and seek God; some of you will start or finish with the Lord's prayer. Some of you will walk and pray, worship and pray, or pray with your spouse or children, and others will fast and pray. Whatever your method is, the important thing is not HOW you pray, but rather that you ARE praying. When you pray, you are communicating your heart to God.

Can I suggest today that you take the time also to learn to listen? Remember, our God is a speaking God, and He loves it when we draw near so we can hear HIS voice, know His thoughts, feel His love, and be transformed in His presence. I have learned to have a journal close by or take notes on my phone. I write down or record whatever I hear Him say and go back over His words.

The invitation to “Come Up Here” is personal. Our God loves it when we come to Him with our prayers, concerns, doubts, and fears. With all my heart, I encourage you to begin. Take a moment each day to stop to say thank you, pray, and listen to what the Lord wants to speak to you today.

Love Darls.

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