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Identifying Insecurity: 3 Ways to Cultivate More Confidence Through Intentional Soul CareSample

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Identifying Insecurity: 3 Ways to Cultivate More Confidence Through Intentional Soul Care

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Sis, this is where we belong, and it's time to internalize that. We have questioned our ability, viability, and the possibility that God wants to partner with us to accomplish the new things He's doing for too long.

Imposter syndrome is an internal belief that we are incompetent. It is rooted in our doubts and makes us feel like frauds. Many women and men have allowed the imposter syndrome to steal years of our lives. As much as we long to be free of it, we may doubt whether we ever will be. This leads us to question our abilities and disconnect from God's will for our lives, but this struggle can end here.

We belong in the center of God's will. It's here that we remember:

  • how fearfully and wonderfully made we are;
  • we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus;
  • and that if God is for us, it doesn't matter who's against us.

It's the center of God's will where we experience the true freedom to be everything God ever created us to be and do everything He's ever dreamt through us.

Growing up, I had no clue how vital soul care is. Soul care is the intentional time we spend ensuring our mind, will, and emotions align with God's Word and will. Instead of turning to my connection with Christ, I learned to turn to my accomplishments, alcohol, and people-pleasing behaviors for approval. Thankfully, I'm excited to share that Jesus has so much more in mind for us.

When we practice soul care, we show up more confidently. Third John 1:2 reflects Jesus' heart for our soul care perfectly. When our souls flourish, everything else flourishes as well. Nothing is off-limits. However, that's impossible when we're caught believing that we're a cheap copy of the incredible originals our great God formed and fashioned for His glory.

It's time to take our confidence and creativity back and our power with it. These three strategies will lead us to outshine imposter syndrome like the light of the world we were created to be. Let's remember Jesus wants to partner with us. Yes, sis, we belong here.

Let's Pray:

Father God, I am so sorry that I've given my inadequacies more attention than Your desire. I want to be free of the belief that I'm an imposter. I choose to believe that I am Your masterpiece. I know that it is Your desire that I am healthy and well in my soul and every part of my life. Draw it all into alignment with Your Word and Your will. In Jesus' name, amen.

About this Plan

Identifying Insecurity: 3 Ways to Cultivate More Confidence Through Intentional Soul Care

What would you do if you knew all of Heaven was behind you, supporting you, cheering you on? It’s time to practice some intentional soul care to get over imposter syndrome and the belief that we are cheap copies instead ...


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