Combat Stress: Finding Your New Rhythm

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I Give You True Gifts

My daughter, I am the way, the truth, and the light. Whoever knows Me will not perish but have eternal life. I am the gatherer, the one who comes and brings hope and keeps you close to Me. You may move away from Me, but I still remain.

Let nothing separate us.

There is freedom in laying down that restless heart. Be steadfast, with Me. You have what it takes. I have given you a heart that, in truth, desires Me more than anything. This is how you are steadfast, this is how you do not waver, this is how you stay close to Me: when your heart is filled with Me.

Desire more of Me.

I give you the true things for which your heart desires. Truth, hope, joy, freedom—this is life with Me. In the midst of trial, I give you these things. In the midst of heartache and trouble, I remove anxiety and worry, and I give you these things.

In the midst of storms and busyness and patches of quiet when I feel not so near, I give you these gifts of your heart. Because I gather and restore what is mine.

I have designed you, and I know what you need.

Let my love overflow on you. Let my gifts be easy to receive.