Breathing Eden: Conversations With God On Light, Fresh Air, And New Things

5 Days

What must it have been like, walking in the garden, talking with God? What would it be like to share our troubles and joys openly with him, to breathe the fresh garden air, to see the light shining through the trees? What would it be like to hear his voice responding to our questions? How might knowing God's view on our stories heal our wounds and renew our hope? No matter our circumstances, we all need God's perspective on our lives. We need to know how he sees us. Come on, girl, he says. Let my light shine in. This 5-day plan is an excerpt from the book, Breathing Eden: Conversations with God on Light, Fresh Air, and New Things. In this plan you will get a brief snapshot of five of the forty conversations between women and God—conversations that are raw, honest, heartbreaking, and encouraging. These prayers are like our own: full of pain, celebration, anxiety, and joy. Each one helps the reader hear God whisper love and hope into their lives. In Breathing Eden, readers will find hope and fresh perspectives. It's an invitation to come. Breathe Eden.


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