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Bringing Pain to the CrossSample

Bringing Pain to the Cross

DAY 3 OF 3


What can we do with our pain? What does the Bible say? Can releasing our pain to God make a difference in your life? View the video below to shine a light on these questions.


On a piece of paper, write down the pain and suffering that is in your heart. This is between you and God. Express your burden whether this is sin, suffering, pain, heartbreak, physical/emotional wounds/etc. Try to empty your heart. Then hang on to this paper. We’ll come back to it later.


Read the passage in Revelation 21:1-5 that discusses how God will one day renew the world.


God will make you new when you can bring your pain to him. Only he can offer that type of freedom and healing. For this next activity, take the paper that you wrote out earlier. Re-read your paper. Add to it if necessary. Think about the causes of your pain and suffering. Write those down if applicable. Next, destroy that paper. Burn it in a fire. Crinkle it up and throw it away. Shred it.

By destroying your papers, you are asking Jesus to take your suffering and continue to lead you on a journey of healing. This is not magic. It is something we do with our whole body that helps our heart and mind understand that we are asking Jesus to take our pain.

In Luke 4, Jesus himself read part of the following passage and helped people understand that it refers to himself.


Listen to McGruder as she brought her pain to God and found peace.

Reflect & Respond

Optional Tip: Journaling your responses to the scripture and follow up questions can help you process what you're learning and see your progress towards healing over time.

What do you expect to happen by bringing your pain to the cross? Imagine the burden you have been carrying being lifted. What would that feel like to no longer carry it alone?


Bringing your pain to the cross is a major step towards healing. It’s releasing your burden and depending on God’s grace and love. The good news is that you can continue to bring your pain to God whenever you need it.

To continue your healing, you must also learn to forgive. Continue this journey by looking for the next Never Alone series study titled “Learning to Forgive.”

For more information on healing from trauma, especially in the military, check out our website:

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About this Plan

Bringing Pain to the Cross

God understands your pain. He cares…and he wants to help you find healing. In this study you will explore God's Word and reflect on: lamenting, expressing grief and sorrow, bringing your pain to the cross, and helping ot...


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