Bringing Pain to the Cross

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We have all suffered and are in the process of grieving. But what comes next? Healing can begin through sharing and listening. Our friends, family, and support network can be important support here on earth, but there is one place to bring our deepest brokenness for healing.

In this study, you will reflect on:

  • Lamenting, passionately expressing grief and sorrow
  • Bringing your pain to the cross
  • Helping others bring their pain to the cross

We are taught in Scripture that Jesus came not only to bear our sins but also to bear our pain and heal us. The Gospel of Matthew quotes the prophet Isaiah to describe what Jesus did: “He took our sickness and carried away our diseases” (Matthew 8:17, quoting Isaiah 53:4).

Jesus felt the full burden of human pain and sinfulness. Jesus knows the pain that is in our hearts and we need to bring it to him so he can heal us.


Optional Tip: Journaling your responses to the scripture and follow up questions can help you process what you're learning and see your progress towards healing over time.

Think about the pain you are carrying today. What is hurting you now? Are you carrying this burden alone? Is there something you are struggling to let Jesus bare for you? Read Isaiah 53 and reflect on how Jesus heals our pain.