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DAY 1 OF 3

We work hard in our busy lives, whether it be as family members, friends, teachers, business leaders, students, medical professionals, community leaders, or one of many other valuable professions.

We work and lead daily with consistency, persistence, and resilience. We show up and stay the course; we fight the good fight when called upon.

And then we read this reminder in 2 Peter.

“One day is like a thousand years…”

These verses in 2 Peter often serve as a personal reminder to increase my patience - with myself and others - to calm my pace and not get hung up on what I thought I deserved as a result of hard work.

But recently, I’ve been reading the following phrase with fresh eyes.

“A thousand years is like one day…”

Full stop. Let’s sit there for a moment.

“A thousand years…”

“Is like one day…”

The truth is that all it takes is one moment.

One moment for God to breathe into a situation. One moment for us to stop and honor Him. One moment to pursue His heart, listen to His voice and reframe a situation.

One moment can change everything when our Maker is involved.

So today, wherever you lead or serve, keep going. Consider the end goal, and outline the steps to get there. Don’t stop putting in the work. Don't stop planning. Be faithful in the small things.

All of those moments matter in your journey.

But remember this Truth: His moment matters the most.

Don’t be surprised when the sunrise cuts through, the call comes, and the resources free up. Be ready for it. Be filled with faith and hope.

Your Maker is still creating.


Father, I am so incredibly thankful for the strength and wisdom You have provided me with as I seek to bring glory to You in all I do. I get tired and frustrated at times and need Your help to stay the course. Thank you for your promise to renew and strengthen me, not of anything in my ability, but because of Your amazing Love. As I work and serve, help me see You in each moment. Help me to stop and listen when You whisper direction. Help me to expect the unexpected. In this moment, I remember who You are and what You have done out of love for me. I remember that a thousand years is like one day in You.


Day 2

About this Plan


This 3-day devotional reminds us that all it takes is one moment when God is involved. He is the One that provides us focus and strength when we need it most.

We would like to thank Holly Magnuson for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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