Working Smart, Living Faithfully

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Day 1: Focus, Focus, Focus!

Everything in the world right now tells us to multitask. As I write this, I am using a split screen on my laptop, which is designed to allow users to view multiple programs at the same time. High school students are encouraged to do high school academic work, possibly a job, sports, other extra-curricular activities, and maybe even college-level classes if they are up for it. While they strive to do it all, they are also told, “Enjoy your youth! Spend time with your friends! Make memories!” No wonder we think we can do it all—or that even if we can’t, we have to try.

Recent science tells us that this is counterproductive. If you try to do everything, you likely won’t accomplish anything worthwhile. I’m an athlete, so I’ll use a sports analogy to make my point. As little kids, we are encouraged to try everything and figure out what we like. Then, as we grow, we focus on the activities we like—whether it’s volleyball or basketball, or even band or good grades. The point is, we learn to focus, and we grow by leaps and bounds in that specific area. Japan takes this to the extreme by allowing students to participate in only one or two clubs during the whole year. Year-round sports allow for year-round focus on one skill, which results in a greater outcome in that area. The athletes, while not known for the best physical advantages in most sports, are known for their discipline and teamwork—both things they would learn in year-round training. But what does this have to do with God?

This is one of those times that science’s message and the Bible’s agree without question. “Focus, focus, focus!” As you read today’s verses, you might notice that they all talk about focusing on one thing—the most important thing. In comparison to everything else in our lives, there is nothing more valuable than Christ and our relationship with Him. Not only is that our salvation, but it’s the core of our very lives.

While the world might call multitasking a superpower, I think it is a temptation. It may make us feel more important and more capable, but all it really does is keep us from using our time wisely. Whether it’s in school, at work, or in your faith, I want to challenge you to take time to focus. You might just surprise yourself at what you can do.