Life Management - Managing Marriage, Motherhood, & Ministry With Courtnaye Richard

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Managing Life

No doubt, you downloaded this devotional because deep down inside you know that you’re in need of managing your life better in this season. Maybe you’re feeling like you don’t have enough hours in the day to get things done. Maybe you’re frustrated because you can’t seem to do some of the things that you enjoy. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed with the daily demands of your home life, work responsibilities, church commitments, or ideas with little to no progress on your own endeavors. Wherever you are, I get it! But so does God.

God knows exactly where you are in this moment. He knows that His children and servants are going to sometimes feel overwhelmed and need help managing all of the things in life. But when we do, guess what? He is right there to help us manage our lives and carry our heavy burdens well.

For instance, when Moses felt overwhelmed with the task of speaking and leading the children of Israel out of Egypt, God raised up his brother Aaron to be his spokesman. God also used Moses’ father-in-law Jethro to give him sound and wise advice to appoint leaders to carry the load of smaller matters while he handled the bigger issues. When Moses listened to wise counsel, his heavy burden was lifted. Life became more manageable when he shared the load and this can serve as a life lesson for us today.

Sometimes God will place people in our midst to help us manage life better and lighten our load. He will place people in our lives to come alongside us to help us carry out our God-given assignments. In families, we have our husbands and children to share responsibilities at home (which I will get into even further in the days to come through this devotional).

On the job, we have our co-workers. At church, we have fellow congregational members each using their own special gifts. In our businesses or personal endeavors, we have either a personal or virtual assistant or a friend who is willing to help. The point here is that we are not left alone while managing life well. God and others are here for us.

So, think about your life in this current moment. Pray and ask God to help you manage your life more efficiently and effectively with the assistance of great systems, new resources, others, taking time out to do things that you enjoy, and most importantly, spending time in God's Word.