Day 1

Pastor Lee Cummings

Topic: Consecration

Scripture Reference: James 4:6, 10


“What do you want?” I’m sure you’ve heard this question before. The person asking you may have meant something as simple as what kind of candy you want from the store, but it’s more serious than that. I’m not asking you what kind of food you want for breakfast, what kind of car you want to drive, or even what kind of job you want. I mean this: What do you want for your life? When we hear that question, many of us struggle to give an answer. Like a little boy on the penny side of the candy aisle, we don’t realize there’s something more available to us—something beyond what we can imagine or dream.

You probably remember hearing this question for the first time as a child. Someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up. Your parents and teachers tried to get you to think about the direction your life would take so they could properly prepare you for the future. I heard that question over and over again as I was growing into adulthood. However, this question doesn’t stop on your eighteenth birthday. The truth is, we will be answering it for the rest of our lives.

Our culture is consumer-driven. We look for the things we think will give us the most fulfillment, even though we don’t know what a fulfilled life actually is. What would happen if we rejected the cultural expectations and started living according to what God wants for us as citizens of His Kingdom?

The Kingdom of God isn’t “me-centric.” In fact, it truly has nothing to do with what we want and everything to do with what God wants. “What do you want?” Can you see how this question changes as you try to follow Jesus? It transforms into “God, what do You want? Because I want what You want!”

As we enter into this SEEK 21 days of prayer and fasting, I challenge you to ask God what He wants of you. From there, take that plan or vision and write it out. Then, surround yourself with relationships that will help hold you up and spur you on throughout this season. I believe that, as we seek after the Lord, consecrate ourselves, and say, “God, I want what You want,” we will begin to know Him in a more profound and intimate way.

Father, You are God alone, and there is no other. I submit myself to You and resist the devil. I draw near to You, knowing You will draw near to me. May I encounter You in such a way that You change my heart and mind so that I want what You want.