New Year: A Fresh Start

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Living with a New Life

Through the prophet Ezekiel, we learn that God offers us a new heart. Unlike a physical heart transplant, which prolongs our earthly life, this spiritual transformation that God gives us radically changes our lives. Jesus taught that from the heart proceeds the issues of life. As such, when Jesus gives us a new heart, all aspects of our lives are impacted. Through Christ, we are a new creation, and the old things have passed away, and new things have come. We have a new life.

Our sin is forgiven. Our guilt and shame are washed away. Now, our struggles even seem different. Since we are forgiven, we can forgive. We have received mercy so we can be merciful. The Creator of all things has valued us. So we do not have to prove our value to anyone, not even to ourselves!

Our self-image is transformed as we see ourselves through the eyes of the One who knows us best and deems us worthy of His sacrifice. We have an eternal hope that never changes, even though circumstances may. We have a foundational joy that supersedes the trials and tribulations of this life. We have a new life.

Even with our newfound value, this does not mean our circumstances are automatically changed. Also, it doesn't mean that other people are changed. For example, our unfair and condescending boss may still be unkind and unreasonable.

We, however, are different. We can see things differently, understand things differently, and respond differently to the issues of life. This is because we are "new creatures in Christ." What a radical and transformational concept that Jesus described as being "born again." We can live new because we are new. We have a new life through Jesus Christ.