All For His Glory


Over the first week of this reading plan we’re going to be focusing in on God’s glory. We want to trace how God’s glory was revealed to people and the different responses to it.

Our reading for today focuses on the Israelites in the wilderness after being delivered from slavery in Egypt. God used this time to prepare the people to be carriers of his presence. We can see from this passage that God desires relationship with people, but this relationship was not to be taken lightly. It meant that they needed to be consecrated, set apart for God’s glory.

As we read the passage today, let’s use S.O.A.P. - Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. Read the passage, maybe write down some observations or verses that stood out and how these apply to your life. How can we live ‘all for God’s glory’ in light of this passage? Then, take some time to pray.