[Life Of David] A Night Of Passion Becomes A Life Of Pain

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The Right Place Or The Wrong Place?

Bible stories are the most popular stories in the world. When we read the stories of the heroes of the Bible, we not only see the highlight reel—all the good, curated stuff like on an Instagram feed—but also see all the bad stuff those heroes did as well. It is awesome that the Bible was written like this because it helps us realize we, too, can have grace as they did. I pray we may find grace and truth to keep our lives in the right place and on the right path with the Lord.

In 2 Samuel 11, we see David’s army was out to war, but David remained in Jerusalem. As king, he should have been fighting the battles with his army. David should not have been in Jerusalem. He was in his 50s at the time. His kingdom was successful; he had been king for about 20 years, had fought numerous battles, and had everything under control. It seems David decided he did not need to go and fight anymore. So, he stayed behind.

While his army was fighting, David woke in the evening after taking a nap and being lazy all day. Being in the wrong place made him lazy, indulgent, and lustful. This is where he sees his neighbor’s wife taking a bath. He sends people to her home to get her so he can sleep with her.

Have you ever been idle for too long? When we are used to being busy all the time—working, running errands, taking care of our family—stopping and staying still does not come easy. However, sometimes we need to stop, and that is ok. The problem comes when we are inactive, bored, and lazy for long periods. God did not create us to be lazy; He created us to work. He purposefully made us for doing things that matter to Him in the outside world. We can most certainly have a Sabbath, but there is a difference between having a Sabbath and sleeping all day for too long.

May grace and truth find you whenever you find yourself in the wrong place and bring you to the right place in the Lord.