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Women of the Christmas Story - Part 2Sample

Women of the Christmas Story - Part 2

DAY 3 OF 3

Mary treasured the time spent with Jesus, and the words he spoke that astonished even the temple scholars.  

Although she did not fully understand what it all meant, or what was to come for Jesus, she knew the future would not be easy for him. She treasured her time with him. 

As we approach Christmas, let us think about what we treasure in our lives and about our family. Christmas should not be about the “fluff”—gifts, tinsel, the perfect photo or tree. It's about family. When Jesus came as a baby, it was God extending his hand in love and invitation to know him and to join his family (see John 1:12–13).

Christmas is a wonderful time for making memories, but let’s not forget the most important thing: Christmas is about Jesus. 


What am I treasuring in my life: my family, money, my work, social media, my relationship with God, my friendships? Is this what I want to be treasuring?


God help us not to be distracted by the commercialism of the holiday season. Christmas is about you—your love and forgiveness.


Day 2

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Women of the Christmas Story - Part 2

There are some incredible women weaved into the Christmas Story. What can we learn from them? Moments for Mums: Encouragement for mums in the midst of the beautiful mess of parenting and life. Presented by MOPS (Mothers...


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