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Women of the Christmas Story - Part 2Sample

Women of the Christmas Story - Part 2

DAY 2 OF 3

Jesus’s family met Anna in the temple. Here is an old woman who married young, was widowed young, and never remarried. It's not clear if she has any living family. You could understand if she were bitter at God for her lot in life. Instead, Anna was extremely devoted to God. Night and day she prays, fasts, and worships. She knows God, and as such God uses her for a very important job. She proclaims to those in the temple that this boy, Jesus, is the one they have been waiting for, that will bring redemption. What an honor!

We can’t give up on God when hard or bad things happen in life. He is still there with us, loving us, and has a plan for us. He can use us for great and important things!


Do you still trust in God when life is tough?


God, help us remember that you are with us even in the hard and messy parts of life. Help us to keep living for you through the tough stuff.


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Women of the Christmas Story - Part 2

There are some incredible women weaved into the Christmas Story. What can we learn from them? Moments for Mums: Encouragement for mums in the midst of the beautiful mess of parenting and life. Presented by MOPS (Mothers...


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