God’s Care For Refugees, Foreigners and Strangers


Humans Were Expelled From Their Original Home

When God created the first humans, He put them in the beautiful garden of Eden. This garden was created by God Himself, and it was the perfect home for Adam and Eve.

But it did not take long before Adam and Eve disobeyed the Lord. As God had warned them before, the consequences of their disobedience were severe. From that moment on, humans, animals, and the whole natural world were subjected to death. This also implied that Adam and Eve could no longer live in the garden where the tree of life was. God did not want them to live forever in their sin. Therefore, He sent them out from Eden and placed an angel with a flaming sword at its entrance to guard it.

Adam and Eve had to spend the rest of their earthly lives outside their original home, in a world that was cursed and affected by sin. Even worse, sin alienated them from their Creator. Since their fall from grace, humans naturally live as “foreigners … without hope and without God in the world” (Ephesians 2:12).

Do you feel “at home” here on earth, or are you longing for your original ”home” in God’s perfect garden?"