Joy Comes in the Morning

Joy Comes in the Morning

DAY 1 OF 5

“Joy is the serious business of Heaven.” - C.S. Lewis 

Let’s start with this question - If you could have joy for the rest of your life, would you choose to? When I hear that question, my first thought is: That sounds crazy. How is that even possible? What about my other feelings? What about when I don’t “feel” joyful? What about when people hurt me? I surely can’t choose joy all the time on this side of heaven, could I?

I’m here to tell you that feeling and having joy is more of a choice than you think. A lot of people say joy and happiness aren’t the same thing and I agree to a certain extent, but what is joy without happiness? When you think of Jesus, do you think he was joyful but not happy? When you hear this next verse, I want you to picture Him smiling with happiness at you, because He is.

“Looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.” - Hebrews 12:2

For the joy that was set before Him, He went to the cross for you and for me. But something I don’t think many people realize is that yes, He endured the cross for our sin and rebellion, but I also believe He endured the cross so that we could experience heavenly joy in this life, right now. I’m not saying that really hard things don’t call for godly grief and tears and healing, because they definitely do, but when you get to know Christ better and better, He provides an inexpressible joy that doesn’t fade or fluctuate with our emotions. He knows about all the hard days and hard nights you’ve had and He wants to comfort you.

There are so many Bible examples of Jesus showing up in the middle of somebody’s darkest moments and providing not only salvation (which is the most important part) but also joy and peace and love. Before moving on to day 2, I encourage you to meditate on these scriptures and ask God to help you receive and choose true Joy that only He can give.

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Joy Comes in the Morning

If you could have joy for the rest of your life, would you choose to? If in the midst of the hardest circumstances, you could somehow smile, would you? If there was a way to be happy and full of laughter all the time, sh...

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